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Books Written by Bryan Law


Following are some of the books written by Bryan, although they belong to different areas of expertise.




Change your fate and improve your luck with simple methods.

Fate, often attributed to circumstances beyond human control, pertains to predetermined outcomes such as being born into a low-income family. It is commonly believed that higher powers or cosmic forces influence fate. This concept encompasses the idea that specific events and situations are destined to occur regardless of individual choices or actions. Many people associate fate with believing in a predetermined plan or trajectory for each person's life, suggesting that the outcome is already set regardless of how you plan. However, it is essential to recognize that while fate may determine the starting point of your life, such as your country of birth, socioeconomic class, and family background, it does not dictate your future outcomes.

Numerous examples abound of individuals born into impoverished families but achieved great success as billionaires, leaders, and prominent figures in various fields. Figures like Steve Jobs, Pelé, and Lula serve as testaments to this possibility. Through the transformative power of education, their innate talents, and tireless hard work, these individuals changed their lives and significantly impacted the lives of others around them.
This book aims to provide simple methods that empower you to alter your fate and reach your desired destinations. It emphasizes that while external factors may influence the starting point, you possess the agency to shape your own future through strategic actions and personal development.



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The main functions of a learning and development department are to provide learning opportunities to employees, enrich their knowledge and skills, improve their personal cultivation, and help them develop their careers within the organization. The aim is to align employee goals and performance with the organization. To the surprise of many people, the ultimate objective of a learning and development department is to retain talents.

This book talks about the reasons for employees quitting their jobs, the different kinds of learning methods and course contents, trends in learning and development, how to change employees from forced learning to voluntary learning and how organizations can use learning and development as tools to retain talents.







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Equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) is a hot and challenging topic. More and more corporations, organizations and governments promote EDI as their core value. The main propelling force behind that is justice — to eliminate the systemic discrimination that identifiable groups, such as women, seniors and visible minorities, have experienced by increasing their representation in employment, education and other opportunities. Moreover, an equitable, diverse, and inclusive environment can promote those organizations’ images and reputations and enable their employees, contractors, and business partners to reach their full potential and contribute their best by feeling respected, treated fairly, and working in comfortable environments.

This book analyzes how diversity and inclusion should be done to achieve equity as the final goal. It suggests organizations and governments use a quantity approach in diversity with examples.





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In order to realize the maximum value of an investment property, effective property management is crucial to all owners. Professional knowledge is required to attain maximum revenue with minimum costs and ensure that the property value is not jeopardized. Hiring an experienced property manager to take care of your investment property may be the smartest choice you would make for your investment.

Professional property management companies act as the owners' agents to rent the units, collect rent, pay the bills and maintain the buildings. Such professional firms bring valuable experience and advanced technologies to their clients for better results. A property management contract must be signed between the property manager and the landlord to spell out the contract term, the duties of the manager and their fee. Their fee is negotiable, usually a percentage of the net operating income of the property that they manage. Some will use gross operating income too.

“Residential Property Management: For agents, employees and owners” is a practical guide that helps property managers, employees, and owners manage their residential rental buildings effectively and professionally, emphasizing the balance between responsibility and service to the owners and tenants.





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This book helps investors analyze the increasingly sophisticated real estate marketplace by studying properties from different angles, especially from the financial aspects. Simple investment calculations sufficed in the past, but investors in today’s real estate market must perform complex comparisons to get the best analyses for their investments.


Real estate professionals always emphasize the importance of the location of a property. Therefore, it is crucial to talk about real estate planning and development theories in this book.
Financial professionals use the present value of future earnings as the benchmark for analyzing returns. Therefore, this book focuses on the estimation, analysis and comparison of cash flows and returns so that buyers and sellers can carefully study alternatives and make informed decisions.

This book provides investors and analysts with reliable tools to make sound decisions while acknowledging that solving individual situations requires flexibility and creativity.



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Life lease is a relatively new concept in some jurisdictions. Most people, including real estate brokers and lawyers, may not be familiar with the operations of a life lease, and some people even have never heard about it. Since it is not common in many areas, there is a lack of legislation to protect consumers. However, the need for life lease communities has significantly increased due to the baby boomers. It is because most of the baby boomers can afford life lease style living and would buy them for their retirement life.


There are different life lease sponsors in the market. Although most of them are non-profit organizations, the prices, quality and services vary among them. I hope this book can help consumers select the right life lease community and provide the sponsors with some ideas to improve their business models.




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We learn business concepts, models, techniques, and theories from institutions and books. The topics are rich, and the common subjects include marketing, selling, and management. They are all valuable knowledge that all business people rely on to do their jobs, make important decisions, run their business and develop their enterprises. However, most of us will only utilize a few areas of those subjects as we are specialized in a particular job. An entrepreneur needs to know much more.

This book is a practical guide for entrepreneurs with critical theories. Its analysis starts from the stage before there is any product or service to the stage of expansion of a business. Through different stages, the entrepreneurs will be able to assess their own situation and prepare themselves accordingly. If you fail to prepare yourself, you will have to prepare to fail.



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The Supreme Court of Canada ruled that women were not “persons” according to the British North America Act so that women in Canada were ineligible for appointment to the Senate. There was a lack of human rights laws in Canada ...

Now, the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms set the basic framework of human rights protection that applies to every province and territory.

Human resources professionals should know how human rights affect their work.



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People always say “Think outside of the box!” and show you success stories of such a creative thinking method, but no one can show you exactly How to think outside of the box?


Learning how to think creatively is like learning how to drive a car. The engineers may tell you how a car works, the mechanism of an engine, the transmission, steering and braking systems. They may also tell you all the terminologies of a car, brake bias, fuel injection, PSI, etc. However, knowing all those things will not make you a good driver. People who say “Think outside of the box!” is like shouting “Drive Safe!” to a teenager without a driver’s license but tries to drive a car. They cannot help or teach the teenager how to drive just by telling them to do so.


A book that tells you how your brain works or how to define problem-solving techniques cannot help or teach you how to think creatively. In other words, you cannot think outside of the box just by knowing the terminologies and how our brain works. Differential Cogitation will tell you how to make your brain work and how to solve problems so that you can think like a CEO! Become a Professional Problem Solver!





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According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary and Oxford dictionary, an entrepreneur is basically the one “who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business.” Simply speaking, an entrepreneur is a business owner who also manages the business personally. Therefore, owning a franchise business also fits into the idea of entrepreneurship. However, not all franchisors are good, and not all franchisors will succeed for long. This book tells you why.

Most mistakes made by the franchisors are related to the operations of their franchise business (the franchisors’ operations) and not to those of their own business (the franchisees’ operations). The purpose of this book is to reveal the common mistakes that franchisors make so that these unfortunate failures will not happen again.

If you are a prospective franchisee, you will benefit from understanding the logic behind franchise businesses to aid you in making wise decisions.



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Many people say laughter is the best medicine, it may decrease stress hormones and increase immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, thus improving our resistance to disease. I believe so. The problem is how? How can we laugh, especially when it seems that nothing is good around you? Reading jokes may be the most effective method and this is why I write this book.

I like telling jokes – all kinds of jobs. In this book, not all the jokes are clean or simple enough for the kids to understand. My plan is to write another book, a clean one, just for the kids in the future.

Enjoy reading and enjoy laughing!

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Antimatter – the future of clean energy. One microgram of this substance can power a rocket to Mars; one milligram of it can produce a bomb that is ten times more powerful than a hydrogen bomb, with no radioactive aftermath. However, one gram of antimatter costs more than $100 billion; this is why the terrorists will stop at nothing to steal the antimatter – even if it means betraying their loved ones.

Dr Bryant and his closest confidant Dr Berry are the key scientists of a military lab that produces antimatter. Berry is killed and Bryant is framed for murder and treason. The terrorists have to kill Bryant and get the antimatter. Their plan does not go perfectly because of Bryant’s newest invention, but they have informants everywhere to hunt him.

Suspected, hunted, and betrayed by all those around him, Bryant does not dare trust anyone. He must use his latest invention to uncover the truth and to prove his innocence. It is his only hope ...


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There are countless successful people in the world, each with his or her own story to tell. Some of them are geniuses like Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. Other people simply cannot just follow their paths to attaining success.  Some of them are individuals who won a lottery ticket or who were born into a rich family; however, you and I may not have such luck.

Many of these successful people are probably aware of the reasons behind their success; however, only a handful of them would tell you this reason, while most of them would keep it secret.  This secret involves the pathfinding process, which this book will reveal.

The purpose of this book is to share with you the idea that there is always an exit, a solution, or an alternative. We should not give up easily in life.



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Lotto is a game for you to enjoy. Many people play lotto just for fun: To guess what the next winning numbers will be, to try their luck, to buy as a group to share the joy (even they did not win). For just a dollar or so, you can have the fun at least once every week.
The winning chance of a lottery ticket is lower than that of any game in the casino. No one can guarantee that you will win a game in a casino or that you will win a lottery ticket, and neither can this book.

However, by analyzing the theories of probability, the actual drawing process and the winners' experience; we can derive a method to maximize our winning chance while using the same amount of money to play, or to save a significant amount of money while keeping more or less the same chance of winning.

Based on the experience and theories of professional lotto players, mathematicians and big prize lotto winners; we have developed a strategy to buy lotto tickets in a simple, scientific and effective way to maximize your winning chance. You can follow the step by step Action Plan provided for different types of lotto. Buying lotto tickets with the maximum chance of winning is just a simply task without studying the complicated theories.

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Most of the failures in home buying and real estate investment were due to uninformed decisions. Those people either bought the wrong type of property or simply missed the opportunity to make big profits from it.  That is, buying or not buying real estate can both be a mistake, and may cost you money.

Many of the mistakes made by those people stem from the myths shared among friends and relatives, as such, they can be avoided. The purpose of this book is to tell you the facts so that you can prevent those unfortunate failures from happening.

If you don't make any of these mistakes, your success is guaranteed!




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All books containing information about traditional Feng Shui are ancient books written in Literary Chinese (an ancient written Chinese in a very short form, even many Chinese people would have difficulties in understanding them).  Many of these books have been explained in modern Chinese and translated into English (such as Yi Jing), but still, they are too difficult and abstract for beginners.


Most of the modern Feng Shui books are written in Chinese only.  The majority of them were written by the masters from different streams, the authors used only the theories that they believed.  Other books were published by editors, most of them consolidated different theories into the books with contradictions - a result of poor editing.  All the above makes self-studying Feng Shui very difficult. 


Following a Feng Shui master may be a good way to learn Feng Shui.  Unfortunately, the master-apprentice system has been destroyed by our fast moving industrial society.  People do not have the patience to learn full-time for more than a decade before practicing.  Moreover, many masters do not teach their students all they know, they teach only their children their secret theories.  That is, they will keep some theories as their secrets and will only tell their own children.  This further damaged the master-apprentice system.


Moreover, learning from a master limits knowledge to that particular stream.  Unlike other academic subjects, Feng Shui masters do not teach or advocate theories that do not belong to their school.  This further limits the flow of Feng Shui knowledge.


In light of these problems, Bryan wrote this practical guide to teach the public what Feng Shui is, to teach them how to understand its meanings and how to practice it in a basic and generic manner.  It is a concise solution guide to common Feng Shui challenges that is easy understand, effective, interesting, practical and scholastic. 

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This practical guide to real estate investment is easy to read and understand. Packed with innovative ideas and typical examples, this book can assist homebuyers to fulfill their dreams and help real estate investors to establish their real estate kingdom even under the toughest market conditions.


This book will show you how to:

Invest $1 and get an instant return of $7, absolutely risk-free.
Select from more than three practical "no money down" methods to buy real estate.
Buy real properties when the house prices are far above your budget.
Flip lands with the least amount of money.
Take benefit of mortgages.
Deal with foreclosure properties.
Calculate return on investment and cash flow correctly.
Evaluate properties easily but professionally.

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This basic Feng Shui guide informs you of the common Feng Shui problems that you may come across and what types of property you should avoid from buying.

It contains mainly the excerpts from another book "Feng Shui 123" and talks about traditional and genuine Feng Shui theories.  This guide is good for real estate agents, home buyers, business owners and all other people who are interested in Feng Shui and want to see if there are any Feng Shui problems in their properties.



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A concise guide to employment law in Hong Kong.  This book tells all the important issues that both employers and employees have to know, including the key points in hiring foreign domestic helpers.


This book is written in Chinese.



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